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LCC-DOS.ZIP 4.2 using DJGPP libc 2.01 (28-Aug-2011) (Miscellaneous)

posted by bocke(R), 19.03.2012, 02:17

> He actually spent a lot of time working on it, mostly due to his VESA gfx
> routines (with font support) and various examples and documentation (.tex).
> LCC by default doesn't come with a libc nor headers nor even assembler nor
> linker, so integrating all that also takes time and effort. I'm just
> saying, he's a hard worker! ;-)

I don't doubt he is. :)

I still haven't found the time to try it out. :(

> It's clearly a lightweight alternative to GCC and easier to build since it
> relies less on POSIX. LCC is C89 only hence less cruft, so to speak. I know
> DJGPP's GCC is hard to build, but IIRC the only one semi-sane would be old
>, so I guess I would loosely compare it to that. However, I'm pretty
> sure he never built LCC-DOS totally with itself, due to some minor
> omissions, but it's certainly possible with a few tweaks, I assume.

2.7.x didn't include optimization, didn't it? But I read it was fast. And I recently came across an optimizier from that era (Linux though).

I don't know about DOS, but 2.7 might be still buildable on modern Linux. I successfully built 2.8 and 2.9 recently. Although they don't like some of the recent glibc headers. But they work. C compiler... C++ doesn't. Although you need to build GCC 3.x first. GCC 4 won't work.

> BTW, I did email him, and he did say he'll eventually try to fix the issues
> mentioned if he can find the time.

He did great job with what he did by now. It just needs some tweaking and it might become an interesting alternative. :)

DJGPP is great though. But it doesn't hurt to have another freely available option. :)

I'm mostly a Linux guy, so I don't get much time to play with DOS stuff. But I do from time to time. I'm a bit of retro enthusiasist (that also includes old Linuces/Unices and also *dows). :)

I did setup a functional DosEMU setup with DJGPP and OWatcom this time, so I do get around more than before.


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