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Old 8086 version of pcc spotted (cross-compiles to DOS) (Miscellaneous)

posted by Ibidem(R), 22.03.2012, 00:58

> Limited C subset
> ================
> Ron Cain's Small C 8086/8088 ports (original published in DDJ)
> * Project -fbin (diff. versions, req. nasm, modern)
> * Small C 2.1 - 2.2 (by James Hendrix, shareware, improved)
> * BYTE Small-C 1.0 (Rick Grehan, BYTE Mag., req ms link/masm)
> * Caproc Small-C (8088, req. ms link/masm)

Could you point out the versions of project-fbin CC you found?
Or even point out how to build one of them?
The documentation is close to useless for installing...
There is a libc that suffices to bootstrap, though.

Small C is subset-K&R, FWIW.

My point in mentioning the PCC-8086 compiler was:
1-it's a BSD-ish 16bit compiler (mentioned for cm's sake)
2-it might be helpful in porting the PCC "Ragge version" to target 16-bit DOS
(the latter does support segmented modes to some extent-the PDP11 is a 16-bit CPU with 6 extra bits for a 4MB total address space)

DJGPP et al. are exactly what this isn't about. They can't compile a kernel, are 32-bit and single-segment, and aren't nearly as liberally licensed.

I'm considering putting together a NASM + -fbin CC + *BASIC compiler floppy, that's a development environment in a few languages...might extend the libc a little in the process.


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