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Old 8086 version of pcc spotted (cross-compiles to DOS) (Miscellaneous)

posted by Ibidem(R), 23.03.2012, 07:06
(edited by Ibidem on 24.03.2012, 06:27)

> Probably easier "in theory" to just adapt it to use Dev86DOS + NASM for the
> tricky bits. So it would just mean migrating away from the compact model
> stuff and do it directly in (external) assembly.
IIRC that's what dosbox did (dev86 port of FreeDOS) --ought to check, though.
EDIT: Completely off. Wonder what I misread...

> So then I would probably use Dev86DOS, NASM 0.98.39 (real mode version),
> and XPL0 (since I can't think of any 16-bit BASIC "compilers" offhand, e.g.
> BWBasic is only an interpreter). But there are probably others if you
> search hard enough.
One of the unstated rules:
If it can't compile itself and is written in the language it implements, it's not good enough...
This pretty much kills dev86, since BCC-CC1.EXE is 120+ k. :(

DeSmet 3.03 will bootstrap itself, and runs small enough to fit on a floppy with some room free (600 k for the standard compiler, 450 k for the large one).
There's a bit of old code written for DeSmet, since it was the main shareware compiler (PCC).
I may poke and see if nasm 0.9x can build with this, so I have a full bootstrap environment.
DeSmet may be weird, but it still beats a K&R-ish small model compiler that supports DOS as an afterthought and can use unprotoize if you really need to try building ANSI. Allegedly, 3.1h supported ANSI C natively - I haven't verified this.

For BASIC, I'm looking at (they have a near-QBASIC compatible compiler that outputs NASM code, and a GABASIC knockoff with IDE, written in GABASIC)


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