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MSDOS8 SYS (Miscellaneous)

posted by Arjay(R), 03.04.2012, 11:29
(edited by Arjay on 03.04.2012, 11:52)

> I am looking for a DOS based SYS program for
> Microsoft MSDOS8.
> Help would be appreciated.
Basically you need a legal licensed copy of either ME or XP - so you may already own a legal copy but may not have realise it. Computerhelp have a good basic overview of the SYS + FORMAT commands required for making bootdisks under ME. e.g. Under ME it is as simple as using either "SYS A:" or "FORMAT A: /S". XP is more involved and I don't personally have the time to explain right now but the above link should at least be a useful starting place for XP as well.

In terms of easily creating/imaging bootdisks - I would recommend taking a look at UNetbootin or if you want to get closer to the metal RawWrite or DD (standard Linux or DD for Windows) instead.

The are lots of options which come down to personal choice, e.g. I like and dislike unetbootin - I like its ease of use for people but dislike the end results which work (as it uses SYSLINUX) but I personally feel for me that I can achieve better end results in other ways, so it is rare that I use UNetbootin myself but I can recommend it for most peoples bootdisk needs.


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