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MSDOS8 SYS (Miscellaneous)

posted by 0ffer(R) Homepage, 04.04.2012, 20:59

> I am looking for a DOS based SYS program for
> Microsoft MSDOS8.
> Several of the boot disks I have downloaded
> contain a DOS based SYS program, but all of these
> programs simply tell you to run the WIN based SYS
> program from inside Windows.
> Help would be appreciated.
> Steve Broshears .. version 8.0 is functionally limited, using version 7.10 is included in Windows 98SE and put it to the table version setver.exe from boot disk Windows ME, as a driver (line device = setver.exe in config.sys ), you can remove the restrictions functionality of MS-DOS 8.0. Instead of file setver.exe can use the driver ver710.sys by Dencorso (put DEVICE=VER710.SYS as the very first line in CONFIG.SYS). Another way use deversioned version 7.10, with any hex editor replace 3D 0A 07 74 to 90 90 90 EB
More about MS-DOS 8.00


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