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MSDOS8 SYS (Miscellaneous)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 25.04.2012, 00:10

> If an external program is run from the command prompt
> MSDOS searches for the executable first in the current
> working directory (.\) and then it searches the path.
> This is lousy if the CWD is a floppy which slows down
> things a large ammount.
> There used to be (20 years ago) a patch to disable the
> initial CWD search. Then you put .\ at the very end of
> the path spec to re-gain functionality.
> Does anyone have an idea how to re-implement this
> functionality in MSDOS7 or 8?

Not directly, no, though there's probably an easy way (guessing).

The best answer I can give is a workaround: just make sure you copy any needed files off the floppy to RAM disk, then do all your (temporary, don't need to save) work there. Also be sure %TEMP% is pointing to RAM disk. But I assume a cache would basically do this automatically. Still, I do both just to be sure, it's easier for me.


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