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32-bits dos binaries on 64-bit windows - Delphi for DOS (Users)

posted by Arjay(R), 06.05.2012, 12:02

> Also see ye olde "DWPL" (Delphi WDosx Project Library) pages (etc):

Thanks for other links. Personally as I mostly use DOS targeted compilers to generate DOS programs rather than cross-compiling with the exception of some of my own test compilers; I have never bothered to try these Delphi tricks.

However this discussion re DOS compatibility and the RTM discusson made me think about issues like compiler availability for others and compatibility issues.

e.g. Yesterday out of passing interest related to the above I took a look at the Swallow Pmode DOS extender and realised I could easily eliminate its use of OBJECTS.PAS for PtrRec/swallow.drv loading using my own unreleased equivalents - if I released some internal source or compiled a replacement TPU. I also realised that I could also provide the ability to not need swallow.pas under Pascal to use of any external files.

However personally I have no current need for any of this myself and I also have a desire pickup work on my major project (RJDOS) into which I'm rolling a lot of stuff. [On that note I want to release the now 2 year old v0.01d]

So in terms of thinking of solutions for others I tend to ask myself:
1)Someone probably has already done it but I am personally unaware as I've not needed it. Do I want to invest time looking into existing options etc?
2)If no solution, is there still demand if I was to invest time on this?
3)What would others want in an ideal world? e.g. which replacment extender?


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