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XPDF 3.03 (DJGPP) (Announce)

posted by Doug(R) E-mail, 20.05.2012, 23:28

> Currently I work on MuPDF 0.8.15, newer versions have changed source tree
> structure a lot and I can't compile it (hate damn configure shits...).

Krap... ok, i know what you mean.

The reason for my original posting is that there seemed to me to be another -- major -- change in coding between v0.9 and v1.0. I'm wondering if that might make it more compatible again?

Here's the significant changes that i see from looking at their page:

* Removal of all global variables: we now pass a context pointer through
  the code freeing us from the use of globals within the library.
* New error handling: a portable exception-like system is used to allow
  neater handling of errors. This leads to more stability and better
  resilience to broken files.
* Public/Private API: the API has undergone a significant revision
  (required by some of the above changes, plus renaming/revising for
  clarity and consistency), and has been split into public and private
  headers. The plan is that the public portion of the API should remain
  much more static in future.
* Documentation: All public header entry points/structures are now
  documented and overviews of how to call the library to render pages
  both in single and multi-threaded mode are given.
* Many, many, bugfixes.

> Is there some difference in supported versions of PDF documents?

None that they mention on their history page. Other than the support for XPS documents beginning in v0.8.165.

But all in all... version 0.8.15 is a million times better than having *no* MuPDF! :ok: Appreciation for all your work....

- Doug B.


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