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Daikatana (DOSX)

posted by Arjay(R), 02.06.2012, 11:30

> > Daikatana by John Romero works in HX-DOS!
> > virtualy unplayable.
Suck it down ;)

> I've only very very VERY vaguely heard of this,
Likewise. So being a admirer of John's other work I decided to read up about this vague game using the Daikatana Wikipedia page as an initial starting point then following through to various external links. All in all it could be said that an interesting chain of events surrounded this game, see #Controversy and then read the articles about Ion Storm and Stevie Case. The rise and fall of Ion storm is one of the subjects apparently covered in the book Masters of Doom of which a film was supposed to have been planned (in 2005). The line in Wikipedia which struck me as a good summary was this one "The game was a major contributing factor in the closure of Ion Storm's Dallas office." (which was their HQ).


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