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Daikatana (DOSX)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 03.06.2012, 00:34

It's very obvious that some of the so-called "failure" of this game is exaggerated.

(quoting Wikipedia):

> Ion Storm showed Daikatana at E3 in June 1997. The engine was still
> running in a software mode, and looked outdated and unimpressive. At
> the same time, id Software was debuting their Quake II game engine,
> featuring hardware acceleration and innovative visuals. Romero
> realized that they were falling behind technologically. The Christmas
> 1997 deadline was quietly dropped, and the new plan was to keep
> creating the content for the game, and switch to the Quake II engine
> as soon as it was ready. The game was rescheduled for a March 1998 release.

Does anyone believe that bullcrap? There's no way the Quake engine (debuted in June 1996) could have been "outdated and unimpressive" in only one year. This was just before Doom was open sourced too, and people were still gaga over that engine, which was (technologically) much "worse."


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