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Testers needed (benchmarking 'b64') (Miscellaneous)

posted by rr(R) Homepage E-mail, Berlin, Germany, 12.08.2012, 23:02


As you have probably already guessed from my other posts I'm clearing my HDD. :-P

In early 2007 I had built Bob Trower's small b64 using many different DOS compilers (free, FOSS, commercial). Back then the Digital Mars C/C++ build was as twice as fast as the others on real DOS hardware.
Nowadays I still like Digital Mars C/C++, but also LSI C-86 and Open Watcom C/C++. But currently I don't have access to any real DOS machine and my results on Windows are vague.
That's why I've prepared containing b64_dm.exe, b64_lsi.exe, and b64_ow.exe. I would like to ask you to report, which of these three builds is the fastest for you in encoding and decoding (on real DOS hardware). Thanks in advance! :flower:

Btw: Original b64 version 0.12R doesn't decode correctly, but this has been fixed in my builds. I've already contacted Bob about that.


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