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Testers needed (benchmarking 'b64') (Miscellaneous)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 13.08.2012, 08:36
(edited by Rugxulo on 13.08.2012, 08:49)

All benchmarks tend to be useless or skewed, but they're still better than nothing if you want to compare things. Just be aware than there are ten bazillion factors as to what is relevant or can affect speeds. (I've done some very amateurish benchmarking lately, e.g. very old DJGPP GCCs.)

Well, whatever, lemme test 'em here on this one box, but sadly I can't test older cpus as most of mine died. I do wonder what memory model and base cpu (8086?) you used for these. Did you turn on optimal alignment? Profiling? Max speed or size optimizations?

/me reboots

C:\TMP\B64>runtime b64_lsi -e douay.txt lsi.out
05.33 seconds elapsed

C:\TMP\B64>runtime b64_ow -e douay.txt ow.out
09.34 seconds elapsed

C:\TMP\B64>runtime b64_dm -e douay.txt dm.out
00.77 seconds elapsed

C:\TMP\B64>runtime b64_lsi -d lsi.out lsi.txt
04.78 seconds elapsed

C:\TMP\B64>runtime b64_dm -d dm.out dm.txt
00.88 seconds elapsed

C:\TMP\B64>runtime b64_ow -d ow.out ow.txt
08.41 seconds elapsed

CPU brand is GenuineIntel / CPU is family 6 model 5 revision 2
This CPU calls itself: [Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU         650  @ 3.20GHz_]


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