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Testers needed (benchmarking 'b64') (Miscellaneous)

posted by Doug(R) E-mail, 13.08.2012, 21:53

Input file: 30mb binary, no disk cache, output file erased after each test, timing granularity 0.01 sec, Intel Pentium 4, 2.4ghz:

               RAM DISK              ATA100 HARD DRIVE
               --------------------  --------------------
  B64_DM -E:   01.65 sec  <-fastest  03.84 sec  <-fastest
  B64_LSI -E:  02.50 sec  <-slowest  11.94 sec
  B64_OW -E:   01.90 sec             15.37 sec  <-slowest

  B64_DM -D:   02.57 sec  <-slowest  04.62 sec  <-fastest
  B64_LSI -D:  02.41 sec             11.52 sec
  B64_OW -D:   02.00 sec  <-fastest  12.06 sec  <-slowest

Results were double (actually *triple*) checked.

And note: The encoded/decoded output files were all identical with one another between the three B64 versions, but when decoded, it was *NOT* identical to the original binary! The test file i used was the MAIN.CVD data file from Clam Antivirus (the biggest file i had on my hard drive):

  MAIN.CVD  30,750,647  (original)
  MAIN.DEC  30,620,636  (after encode & decode)

- Doug B.


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