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Testers needed (benchmarking 'b64') (Miscellaneous)

posted by rr(R) Homepage E-mail, Berlin, Germany, 14.08.2012, 22:33

> > 8086. Small memory model.
> > - dmc.exe -ms -o b64.c -ob64_dm.exe
> > - lcc.exe -O b64.c -o b64_lsi.exe -ltinymain.obj -lintlib
> > - wcl.exe /q /ox b64.c /fe=b64_ow.exe
> > - upx.exe --best --lzma --all-filters --8086 bw64_*.exe
> Okay, but I'm not sure why OW is so slow. Try /otexan /6. Others I have
> less experience with, so I don't know optimal settings without looking /
> trying.

"-otexan" gives many of results in Google. ;-)
It's slightly faster here on Windows XP.

"-6" (together with "-otexan") speeds up things a lot.
Does a 8086 still run "-6" code?

I've uploaded If anyone could test this, please?! :-)
b64_ow: wcl.exe -q -otexan b64.c & upx.exe --best --lzma --all-filters --8086
b64_ow6: wcl.exe -q -otexan -6 b64.c & upx.exe --best --lzma --all-filters

> > Btw: What about your (my) JED release? ;-)
> I haven't been working on it. Should I? Or do you just want an old (or
> new?) stock build via latest S-lang, DJGPP, etc.?

I just noticed 2007 or 2010 "JED" in my "Projects" folder. You asked me once to upload this stuff so you could grab and release it. Meanwhile you built 0.99-19, but didn't release a binary, which is little useless for DOS users. Therefore I'd like to get JED for DOS released some day.


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