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Testers needed (benchmarking 'b64') (Miscellaneous)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 14.08.2012, 23:32

> > Okay, but I'm not sure why OW is so slow. Try /otexan /6. Others I have
> > less experience with, so I don't know optimal settings without looking /
> > trying.
> "-otexan" gives many of results in Google. ;-)

Yes, it's a silly mnemonic to remember, at least easier than what -ox really means (IIRC, -obmiler -s)!

> It's slightly faster here on Windows XP.

I'm very surprised (though why would I be?) at the speed differences. OW shouldn't be this slow, and DM shouldn't be this fast. It's crazy.

> "-6" (together with "-otexan") speeds up things a lot.
> Does a 8086 still run "-6" code?

No, I don't think so, I'm fairly sure I once saw it generate (minimally) 186 instructions (e.g. push imm16), but (blindly guessing) probably not much more than that. And it's still only 16-bit code, AFAIK, since "wcl" only does 16-bit while wcl386 only does 32-bit. I think wcl386 /6 still runs on actual "386", though, as I remember reading that somewhere, but who knows if that changed in later versions (doubt it, but ...).

So, honestly, /1 would maybe give the same results as /6 here. It was probably a mistake to suggest /6 to you. (And yes, I realize you want 8086 compatibility, my bad, just curious if it would help any.)

> I've uploaded
> If anyone
> could test this, please?! :-)

I'll test again on this Core i5, but I feel like a chump testing such a new machine. It's the old cpus that need to worry about speed. Get whats-his-face to test on his HP200LX. ;-)

> > > Btw: What about your (my) JED release? ;-)
> >
> > I haven't been working on it. Should I? Or do you just want an old (or
> > new?) stock build via latest S-lang, DJGPP, etc.?
> I just noticed 2007 or 2010 "JED" in my "Projects" folder. You asked me
> once to upload this stuff so you could grab and release it.

Yes, I know, I remember that, but that was on my old (now dead) laptop, so I'm fairly (?) certain I don't have that file anymore. IIRC, the main problem (later "fixed" upstream??) was S-Lang incompatibility, believe it or not.

> Meanwhile you
> built 0.99-19, but didn't release a binary, which is little useless for DOS
> users. Therefore I'd like to get JED for DOS released some day.

I need to try rebuilding it again. My last efforts so far were mentioned here on this board, rebuilding it with S-Lang 2.2.3, see this .BAT.

IIRC, one of the nicer things about JED was its mouse support (despite the fact that I personally prefer keyboard). At one time I was interested in comparing all the various DOS editors (with bias towards free/libre), but I got distracted by other things so haven't kept up (not that I've missed much, heh).


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