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IBM PC DOS, free downloads (Announce)

posted by Steve(R) Homepage E-mail, US, 30.07.2007, 06:56

> > > As far as OpenDOS is concerned [snipped] I never understood the
> > licensing (does anyone??)
> >
> > The licensing is complicated, but as AFAIK DR-DOS/OpenDOS 7.01, 7.02
> and
> > 7.03 (pre-Devicelogics) are still free, cerainly for private use.
> Source
> > is free for OpenDOS 7.02.

Oops - I should have written 7.01

> > DRDOS, Inc. can't change licensing for an
> > ancestor of its product that it never owned. If they could, Udo Kuhnt
> > would be in a lot of trouble.
> What I've read is debatable (comments from Pat Villani, Japheth, etc), so
> I'm not totally convinced I understand the nature of the whole "OpenDOS"
> mess. Yes, of course, Udo does his thing and no one has complained
> (yet??), but it's still legally murky.

Snipped from the OpenDOS 7.01 source license:

PURPOSES provided that the copyright notices, marks and these terms
and conditions in this document are duplicated in all such forms and
that the documentaiton, advertising materials, and other materials
related to such distribution and use acknowledge that the software was
developed by Caldera, Inc.

For the source code license grant, you may:

* modify, translate, compile, disassemble, or create derivative works
based on the Software provided that such modifications are for
non-commercial use and that such modifications are provided back to
Caldera except for those who have obtained the right from Caldera
in writing to retain such modifications; any modification, translation,
compilation, disassembly or derivative work used for commercial gain
requires a seperate license from Caldera;
[End snips]

So it looks to me like Udo is OK, as long as he doesn't charge money for his OS.


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