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DOS command to combine or merge text files (Users)

posted by CluelessInSeattl(R), Seattle, USA, 26.08.2012, 19:13

Hi again!

I've got a box-full of old floppy disks containing hundreds of small text files. They range in size between about 8 and 25 KB. (I think that perhaps those files are so small because I got into the habit of trying to keep files at about 15 K back when I was using WordStar in my CP/M days).

I'd like to combine all of the files on each disk into a single file that will fit onto a single floppy.

Hundreds of these files contain dated log entries so I'd like to be able to keep the text of the files in chronological order within the larger file.

The task of maintaining the chronology of the log entries should be fairly simple, because all of the file names on each disk are identical, except for the three character extension, like this:


So I'm casting about for a DOS command, commands, or ideas for a batch file, that would read those files, one-by-one, in chronlogical order, into one large text file.

Any suggestions?

Will in Seattle
a.k.a. "Clueless"
Running MS-DOS 6.21


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