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posted by Arjay(R), 29.08.2012, 20:39

> I was just about to ask the same question!
> I don't know the reason, but i share your reaction.

Well to expand on my post I have also noted that DOS386's latest post on the Flat assembler board which he moderates appears to be "17 Jun 2012, 06:58", his latest FreeDOS freedos-user mailing post appears to have been on "Thu Jun 14 21:00:08 2012" and on his latest BTTR forum post was I believe "17.06.2012, 09:33".

Therefore based on all this I am actually more concerned that DOS386 is ok than anything else. Others on here know him better than I do, so can someone drop him a quick email to check he's ok? And to let him know that we concerned. Thx

> I'm guessing that Wayback would probably contain the archives... but they
> would be frozen.*/


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