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HX updated (DOSX)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 22.11.2012, 05:56

> > v2.17, release candidate 06/05/2011 HXRT
> > Password: japheth HXGUI HXDEV HXD16 HXSRC
> > Important Note: has to be made password-protected,
> > because some anti-virus programs don't like file DKRNL32.DLL (a Win32
> > emulation dll), which is contained in the package.
> :clap:

Horrible that we have to work around lousy antiviruses. (I didn't check, but IMHO, putting the password as plaintext in the .ZIP comment would at least be semi-friendly.) Which ones in particular flag it? I do now see it in my copy of latest Avira (Windows), Expert Mode -> Configuration -> System Scanner -> Scan -> Exceptions (and also DEV_GPC's Win32 UNINSTAL.EXE), so I must've put it there. So at least there's that workaround.

You could probably also just disable heuristics entirely or choose "ignore" to manually ignore the warning (e.g. XPACK/Gen or whatever for TESTDRUG.EXE below).

> PS: (1 year
> old)

Remind us again what that is supposed to do? (No sources and the text file is fairly useless.)


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