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HX updated (DOSX)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 22.11.2012, 10:16

> Not sure if this particular DKRNL32.DLL is the same as online, I haven't
> re-downloaded here locally.

Okay, quick update:

No, not the same, just re-downloaded latest HXRT217.ZIP, md5sum of DKRNL32.DLL (2011-08-21) is d68b3634dc02ea0f9ea710a559e24e14 (which still flags Avast, dang it, temporarily disabling asinine realtime protection).

VirusTotal now gives 33/43 false positives! Sheesh. :surprised: And to prove how incredibly dumb they are, you can change the text "This is a PE dynamic link library" and it will knock off 10 scanners (only 23/43, heh).

Well, here's a potential simple workaround: change "PE" text signature to "PX". It's only one byte (offset 0x79 or 121). Then I get 0/42 results. I can't test well on this silly laptop, but a quick test of 7ZA.EXE under DOSBox ("7za t ccbi-2~1.7z") with slightly older HX (2009-11-16, 2.16 ??) shows that it still works fine even with "PX". (Can't imagine why it wouldn't, but who knows, heh.) :yes:

P.S. In the boring ol' U.S., today is Thanksgiving. (Yes, I'm awake way too late.) I'm grateful for BTTR, Japheth, FreeDOS, DJGPP, etc. etc! :-)

Know your limits.h


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