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HX full of virii (DOSX)

posted by DOS386(R), 22.11.2012, 16:09

> Horrible that we have to work around lousy antiviruses


> (I didn't check, but IMHO, putting the password as plaintext in the .ZIP
> comment would at least be semi-friendly

Better idea:

- switch form ZIP to 7-ZIP
- brew a better PWD than "japheth" and hide it better
- hide your HX files into something else looking innocent (PNG? OGV? ...) Hints about suitable tools (usable in DOS) are welcome :hungry:

> You could probably also just disable heuristics entirely or choose "ignore"
> to manually ignore the warning (e.g. XPACK/Gen or whatever for

I don't have any problems with the file. Maybe because I don't use those useless "antivirii" at all?

> Remind us again what that is supposed to do?


> Because all the virus scanners identify the file as malware, we can not allow
> the online status directly. For this reason we have this case now be passed
> directly to the responsible Federal Office for IT Security. This is the file will
> look in more detail soon, and along with major IT security companies, such
> as Symantec decide whether the file is malware or not. According to the
> feedback we can allow more online or position then must pass law on the
> distance. But this decision, as written, that the Federal Office. We will inform
> you when we receive a response.

Remember some pretty similar "Federal Office" burning down books with "not tolerable content" just cca 80 years ago?

> I guess I'm going to switch to a server in West Samoa.

Please do :hungry:

> > The "problem" in ENUMMODE.EXE was that the code and data section was
> > "merged" in the link step ( to save 512 bytes space ). This is something
> > you shouldn't do these days if your file is to be public, but back then in
> > 2005 it was pretty innocent.

> I can't imagine it being a big deal.

It is. FASM had the same "bug" too :clap:

PS: HX BUG #35:

Tiny WinFloor demo doesn't work (hangs with empty black rectangle, reacts to nothing except CTL-ALT-DEL)

This is a LOGITECH mouse driver, but some software expect here
the following string:*** This is Copyright 1983 Microsoft ***


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