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HX (not) full of virii (DOSX)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 16.12.2012, 22:07

> > > Better idea:
> > > - switch form ZIP to 7-ZIP
> > Won't work. Most good ones can unpack various archives
> 1. F-PROT DOS can't :clap:

But most others can unpack lots of archives. (Keep in mind that, IIRC, F-Prot for DOS was discontinued circa 2006, and I'm not sure if the updated data files still work or when last workable data files were available [2009??]. In other words, I don't use it anymore. But most new viruses aren't for DOS, so it's no biggie.)

> 2. 7-ZIP will slow down pwd brute-forcing by factor cca 10'000'000 and
> prevent plain-text attacks :clap:

I don't think Japheth intends to switch to .7z format. And there are newer encryption methods for .ZIP, though I honestly like the fact that it's easy to crack (in case someone forgets).

"Tips for selecting password length" (7z.htm , sounds naive and inaccurate but whatever)

> 3. anyway, I meant use this one together with the other ideas
> > just only password protect DKRNL32.DLL and leave others unencrypted
> bad idea as the others may get wormed too at any time, as some of them
> already used to be in the past :clap:

Yeah, I forgot others gave false positives too. Still, it shouldn't be too too hard to mask the warnings, but I don't think it's worth my time, esp. since Japheth seems happy with his password .ZIP.

> > > - hide your HX files into something else looking innocent (PNG? OGV?
> ...)
> > I don't think that will work. Lots of formats have subformats
> It will. There are no subformats in PNG or OGV, and if it's done well, it's
> impossible to provide any evidence that there is some hidden data at all
> :clap:

I don't think he will go for that. That's way too much indirection anyways, esp. for such a "clean" project.

> Japheth wrote:
> > History HDPMI
> >
> > 14.12.2012, version 3.17

Did you also notice that JWasm and JWlink had new releases?


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