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HX (not) full of virii (DOSX)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 17.12.2012, 21:59

> > Yeah, I forgot others gave false positives too. Still, it shouldn't be
> too
> > too hard to mask the warnings, but I don't think it's worth my time,
> esp.
> > since Japheth seems happy with his password .ZIP.
> I'm not "happy", but also don't want to invest more than a reasonable
> amount of time - it's not one of the things that I regard as "extremely
> interesting".

I would imagine that avoiding HX being flagged / deleted would be important, but I do also understand that it's more of their problem than yours. (One file on VirusTotal reported "VIRUS_UNKNOWN", heh, it "knows" it's a virus but doesn't know what or why or how??)

I also wonder at why they all have the same error. Do they share databases or test cases? They must. I hate this so badly, but whatever, unless "we" (eh?) manually work around it and/or heavily nag the antivirus people, what can we do? :-(

> > Did you also notice that JWasm and JWlink had new releases?
> the hdpmi update was needed because DOS4/GW apps - including the Watcom
> debugger WD - have difficulties with lots of RAM.

I've never really used it, dunno. DOS386 claims it doesn't work (well, if at all) under FreeDOS. I don't know what specifically you mean here (DOS4GW.EXE proper? OpenWatcom malloc?). But I do know that dumb ol' paq8o8z reportedly used a lot more MBs of RAM with OW builds than DJGPP, presumably due to differing malloc implementation, page size rounding, or whatever.


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