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HX (not) full of virii (DOSX)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 17.12.2012, 22:14

> > And there are newer encryption methods for .ZIP
> YES, but you need 7-ZIP anyway to extract such "ZIP" 's because:
> 1. PKZIP 2.50 can't

Maybe you specifically need 7-Zip in DOS, maybe not. Dunno what else is out there or how many versions of other tools (cmdline) work under HX. AFAIK, there were (at one time) two competing encryption methods in .ZIP.

Not that I would mind if Japheth switched to .7z, but he doesn't discuss these things with me. It's not my call. I doubt you can convince him. ;-)

> 2. Wing-ZIP doesn't run in DOS (FYI: Wing-ZIP 17 released. What's new:
> increased bloat to 100
> MiB :clap: )

Have you ever tried any of them under HXGUI? (shrug) I mean, who knows what works, heavily doubt it, but I guess it's possible (aren't there cmdline tools add-ons?). ;-)

But yes, you're right, a quick search on Sac.SK shows a lot of WinZIP versions, from 1997 (Win 3.1, v6.3, 629 kb) to 2005 (Win95-XP, v9.0 SR1, 4077 kb) to 2010 ("Windows", v14.0, 13837 kb) to 2011 ("Windows", v15.5, 30254 kb) to 2012 (actually it seems 100 MB is both 32-bit and 64-bit installer, but you can still get them separately for half that each, heh, still very bloated, dunno why, quite ironic).

> > "Tips
> > for selecting password length" (7z.htm , sounds naive and
> inaccurate

> > but whatever)
> It's correct. Igor ASSUME's that
> ML will continue
> working to the infinity. RTFF :hungry:

There's no way I believe those stats. And most people don't have anything worth password protecting anyways. With Amazon EC2, IBM Roadrunner, etc., it's probably incorrect to pretend that lots of governments (or Anonymous or whoever) don't have easy access to various brute force methods to crack anyone's data. Though I'm fairly noobish and don't do anything (useful or otherwise), so I'm pretty sure the aliens / criminals / governments don't give a crap about me. ;-)

> Maybe there will be a release of HX 2.17 final too?

With hotfix to disable EMS, I assume. ;-)


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