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About Open Watcom's Debugger WD (Announce)

posted by Japheth(R) Homepage, Germany (South), 19.12.2012, 09:55

Recently I experimented a bit more seriously with WD. The results of this experiment so far are:

1) the DOS version of WD works with (more recent?) FreeDOS kernels
2) there are a few bugs/missing features in the "standard" trap file of the DOS version ( which is used when no /TR= cmdline parameter is given )
3) the so-called DIP module for codeview symbolic debug info is slightly broken.
4) the HX trap file for WD also has a serious bug.

A package has been made, consisting just of the DOS debugger, that handles 2), 3) and 4):

The hx trap file contained in the package has also been updated.

Hopefully the bugs will be fixed in the next OW release also, but who knows if there ever will be one ( there are plans to extend OW for 64-bit, but there's a "certain" probability that this won't happen because of limited resources ).

Btw, apparently there exists a book about the hx dos extender:

I didn't buy it :-D and don't know what it contains - does somebody know if it is serious?

MS-DOS forever!


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