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Open Source DOS Sound standards! (Developers)

posted by sparky4(R) Homepage E-mail, hell, 20.12.2012, 05:09

This may sound crazy but i am tired of how quiet DOS is on my newer PCs

the SB Live! dos drivers suck because they do not support the original 1st generation sound blasters!

I am so unsatisfied with the dos multimedia output .... specifically sound!

I want to contribute to FreeDOS by making open source like a mother fucker dos sound drivers for the OS so that newer cards that do not have native SB 1.0 support.. Can play sound and OPL3 emulation out of the newer cards...

This little project of mine needs alot of help
I want to include this into HX extender, and/or as separate fdos package, and/or stand alone software..

Using the awesome drivers from MPXPLAY and open source OPL3 emulation code and the judas sound system!!

basically make a sound driver and library for FreeDOS so we can always have sound <3!

I noticed there is like 3 card standards
1. the original ISA sb blaster family
2. AC'97
3. and the shitty and horrible Intel HDA

these are the major standards that i noticed and the intel hda is the new standard it is found in like all the newer computers nowadays

i also want to support the older cards but it would help if i can get the newest ones working!

I need help very badly! i am making a DOS game to learn about how DOS works!

I believe it's time to make an open software standard for sound hardware in DOS. Programming the cards are hard as fuck! holy shit!:-)

CRAZY wwww


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