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GNU Automake to drop DJGPP support (Announce)

posted by bocke(R), 12.01.2013, 20:27

It seems Automake is dropping DJGPP support. I've just found this article on Phoronix: Automake Looks To Drop MS-DOS, Windows 95/98/ME

> Automake 1.13 was released on Friday with a number of major changes to this
> component of the GNU build system. With Automake 1.14, there's already a
> number of additional changes being considered.

And a bit further bellow:

> Automake developers are looking at removing support for MS-DOS and Windows
> 95/98/ME. This older Microsoft support was provided by DJGPP, a development
> suite that's a port of GCC and GNU utilities for DOS-compatible operating
> systems.

I wonder if and what influence would this have on DJGPP. :-|

I did convert some autotools based projects to Makefiles before, but this is a real hell for anything more complex. I fear some projects still supporting DOS might drop it in the near future. :-(


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