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Linux drops 386 and some 486 supports (Announce)

posted by marcov(R), 18.01.2013, 16:44

> I browsed through
> the
> original patch and I didn't see any mention of FPU emulation code.
> It's mostly related to some CPU instructions 386 and some 486 clones (and
> Nexgen 5x86) might not have: cmpxchg, invlpg and xadd.

Note that it is often hard to find a distribution that will install on such a machine. Afaik most distribution's base kernels are slowly becoming ppro+

In the past (before the newer series of lowpower machines) we had a bunch of older VIA cpus for firewall and branch office servers, and getting something modern on those was regularly trouble.

Quite often, after a while the damage was repaired and/or additional media fabricated, but it was getting annoying, so we gave up on those machines.


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