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Linux drops 386 and some 486 supports (Announce)

posted by bocke(R), 20.01.2013, 19:06

I checked it out and you are right. My bad.

> However, Debian GNU/Linux squeeze will not run on 386 or earlier processors.
> Despite the architecture name "i386", support for actual 80386 processors
> (and their clones) was dropped with the Sarge (r3.1) release of Debian[2].
> All i486 and later processors are still supported[3].

The same is also valid for Wheezy.

Anyway, FPU code seems to still be available as an configuration option. Slackware se alternative "huge.s" kernel does come with this option precompiled in:

This is an alternative kernel and needs to be specifically chosen during the installation. The default is huge smp (which requires i686 and PAE).


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