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DR FlexOS? (Miscellaneous)

posted by bocke(R), 31.01.2013, 13:33

Hi, I just stumbled at some information about something called FlexOS.

What I can make out is that it was a successor to DR Concurrent DOS. It was a multiuser(? - at least it had a login facility)/multitasking OS that was first "published" (there has to be a better term) somewhere around 1986 (judging by the manuals) for 80286 based PCs. It was basically DOS-like. It used the same commands with some additions (not unlike OS/2 or Windows NT), but also provided some facilities like command piping, stderr redirection and similar.

It supported multiple "windows", something a sort of like Unix virtual consoles, so you could run several full screen tasks along each other. It came with GUI: X/GEM - a multitasking version of DR GEM; and networking: supporting ethernet and arcnet. It seems it could run CP/M and DOS executables from different architectures: 68xx CP/M, DOS x86, CP/M86, M/PM (from what I could make out, not completely sure).

As I see in Wikipedia, it was used mostly in industrial applications and was also used in some Siemens solutions.

Does anyone know what happened with FlexOS and why did it fail (if it did)? Was it ever offered as an OS for PCs or was limited only to industrial applications?

The list of features is impressive for the time (1986).


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