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DR FlexOS? 2013 = PC death+year of Linux "tablet" desktop? (Miscellaneous)

posted by bocke(R), 07.02.2013, 18:34

I didn't look much in the neighbourhood. I was mostly looking at PC and CPM/DOS family of operating systems. :) There were also Unices for PC at the time. Xenix, Coherent and some others. There was also AT&T's own UnixPC(TM) which was based on Motorola 68000 family of CPUs.

Well, at the time I was still a kid, so you are more invited to talk about that era. But, I have some interest in ye ole' times, so I'm more informed than the other "kiddies" on the block. :)

Anyway, it was interesting for me to write a note or two about it, as it seems to have been more advanced than MS' and IBM's similar creations at the time. And DR generally seems to be one of the most underestimated companies in the industry (not counting the early success with CPM).

I couldn't access LesBell link. Did it contain anything interesting?


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