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DR FlexOS? 2013 = PC death+year of Linux "tablet" desktop? (Miscellaneous)

posted by bocke(R), 07.02.2013, 18:36

> I think there still will be a segment for powerfull workstations and gaming
> (consoles are here for many years but they was unable to kill gaming on
> PCs) where "classic" PC will do the best job. But it it will keep changing
> that way there will no remain any legacy PC comaptability like BIOS and
> x86. It will slowly transform to different architecture. Of course mobile
> segment will continue grow and PCs will decay so ARM will dominate also for
> home computing but there still will be some powerfull "PC" alternative...

Agreed. I also think PC will survive. But it will be limited to a specific niches.


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