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Dumb 0.9.3 Sound MODule player for DJGPP (Developers)

posted by Zyzzle(R), 05.03.2013, 01:15

While searching for another good MODule music player for DOS other than Judas, or Cubic Player, I stumbled upon DUMB 0.9.3:

The source is provided, but I can't get it to compile either in the latest DJGPP 2.03 or MINGW (GCC 4.6.2). My fear is that since the program was last updated in 2005, I am using too new a version, and alas the DOCS do not say WHICH version of GCC compiler to use! The code is straight C, and the makefile seems good, but I'm getting many errors about 'No DEPRECIATED_1662 code found', and the result is no binaries are created. Not even the 'example' programs dumb2wav or dumbplay are produced, I DO see a program called dumbask.exe, but it doesn't do anything.

It seems to be tied into the (obsolete) Allegro sound library. Wonder if it could instead use the WSS sound libraries to support modern sound cards in DOS.

Alas, I can't find any binaries on the net. Can anyone give it a go for compilation under DJGPP 2.03 and report back to the forum if successful?

FWIW: I also see BASSMOD source and MODPLUG source at other sites, but wonder if they could be compiled for DJGPP and DOS at all?


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