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Test MPLAYER (Sherpya) 2013-03-28 (DOSX)

posted by sherpya(R), 05.04.2013, 02:09

> > Ok, the download link now works. Test results:
> > dpmild32: import not found: GetHandleInformation
> > dpmild32: import not found: TryEnterCriticalSection
> Thanks ... SET DPMILDR=128 :-P

how did you managed to run with missing imports?
I was trying to add them but I'm unable at this time to make build script work

These symbols are used by winpthread (mingw-w64 pthread emulation), I'm not good asm coder, but

BOOL WINAPI GetHandleInformation(
_In_ HANDLE hObject,
_Out_ LPDWORD lpdwFlags

GetHandleInformation is used only to find if a thread handle is valid, so it would be enough to return TRUE if the handle is valid and zero lpdwFlags

TryEnterCriticalSection() can be implemented like EnterCriticalSection() but using 0 instead of INFINITE on WaitForSingleObject call, returning TRUE if WaitForSingleObject() returned WAIT_OBJECT_0

> > Gave it a try just for the sake of curiosity... she runs fine in
> Linux WINE

she -> me? I'm male :)

> Probably NOT on 80486 :-(

latest link (not last build) should have 486 compiled runtime, unfortunately I'm unable to test on real 486 cpu

> * Theora BUGGY as usual (offset still ignored, whines about "broken"
> frames, temporary hanging, ...)

looks like there is a proposed fix, right?

> * -vo sdl works (but not -fs)
> * -vo directx works usually (but not -fs, crashes even without -fs on some
> files ???)

need to have first mplayer running


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