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Test MPLAYER (Sherpya) 2013-03-28 (DOSX)

posted by sherpya(R), 06.04.2013, 07:37

> > > Hi guys but I don't understand what version of hx are you using,
> >
> > Edit: HX 2.17 (2011-08-22)
> >
> > > backup your DKRNL32.DLL then
> > overwrite
> > > using one provided in the archive
> >
> > Ok, just downloaded; will test later today when i have some time.
> >
> > - Doug B.
> you can download official release now, I've also added a fix for theora
> offset but you need to use -vc theora because the patch is on mplayer side
> while it defaults to ffmpeg theora decoder (not fixed)

some infos:
- to use -vo directx you should launch with dpmild32 -g mplayer.exe ...
- if you get black screen after exiting, edit hxguihlp.ini and in options sections set save=0
- don't try to pass fullscreen, I was able to have working resolution by changing res in hxguihlp.ini, I had to use 640x480 on qemu
- Audio works using dsound, you must have a card hx extender supports (e.g. on qemu the emulated sb16)


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