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working in more than 1280*1024 under Dos (Developers)

posted by Damien(R), 22.04.2013, 21:17


I program under DJGPP/Allegro, I usually work with the resolution 1280*1024, which is available on many video cards.

But I would like to use "bigger" resolution, especially the 1680*1050 one. (Though my question is also for the 1440*900 and 1920*1080 resolution).

I think that the standard VESA modes go up to 1280*1024, but not with 16/10 or 16/9 ratios.
But I suppose that some cards do support these specific mode ?

Has someone already managed to use 1680*1050 resolution under Dos? ( and in PCI-Express format? )
Rayer, you probably have some interesting answer with all your work on vesa test and mtrrlfbe?
Is there somewhere a list of such video cards ? (I would prefer Nvidia because at the present time, mtrrlfbe works only on those cards)



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