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PKZIP 2.04 Error Message: What did I do wrong? (Users)

posted by Doug(R) E-mail, 23.04.2013, 19:52

> One more thing that all of us have neglected mention...
> DOS pkzip v2.04 is _not_ LFN aware. Therefore any LFNs will be stored
> and restored with only their short names and the LFN will be lost.

Just of note, PKZip v2.50 (03-01-1999) *is* LFN aware. You just have to install a LFN driver first if you're in real DOS.

Also note, freeware alternative Info-Zip (which i *vastly* prefer because of syntax and memory improvements) is also LFN-aware.

And finally, two utilities by by Guenter Nagler help deal with long filenames and non-DOS characters in filenames *within* the zip archive itself:

ZipBlank v1.1 - parses the archive headers and index and replaces not-DOS-compatible filename characters by the underscore character "_".

ZipShort v1.0 - parses the archive headers and index and generates DOS-compatible short filenames.


(Click on "Free Software" link.)

- Doug B.


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