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MuPDF 1.2 (2013-02-27) (Announce)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 28.04.2013, 10:50

> MuPDF 1.2 was released in late February.
> Various changes, not the least of
> which is renaming to "mutool" instead of "mubusy". Yes, default mutool and
> mudraw Win32 binaries seem to (upon very light testing) still work under
> HX, but the others don't. I'm honestly not sure how useful it is for us
> (compared to older Ghostscript or XPDF), but apparently you can
> (cross-)compile for DOS via DJGPP, at least for those two cmdline tools
> (see below).

MUDRAW can convert to .PNG, but I'm not sure of the best viewer for that (QPNG? Pictview? Blocek?) Or just use some converter (Image Magick?) for different format.

> 3). It seems like Ghostscript and MuPDF are somehow connected these days
> (Artifex). Also the various licensing changes over the years are confusing.
> Not sure what's different in GNU Ghostscript, but clearly (as has been
> mentioned before) none of these directly support DOS anymore (or at least
> not VESA drivers).

Was VESA support only in Watcom versions? Only in Kostylev's builds?

> Latest seems to be 9.07 (and 9.06 for GNU), but FreeDOS
> only has some older versions (and I don't know how well-supported or
> decently they work overall, not sure how to fully test them), e.g. from
> iBiblio's /util/file/gs/ : 2.6.1, 4.03, 5.10, 7.05, 8.55, 8.71. IIRC, some
> of these are old 16-bit, some are 32-bit Watcom, some are DJGPP v2. I have
> no idea how easy it would be to rebuild some of these. Also, Mateusz's
> DOSPDF (/util/file/dospdf) meta-package (circa 2007) used old Watcom 5.10
> while Georg's FLW12EXT.ZIP from last year uses Watcom 7.05. Apparently some
> things (either fonts or table files or whatever crud) aren't compatible
> across major versions.

There is also a 7.05 with DJGPP by (PythonD) dude, but I don't know if it's better or not. 8.55 seems to be Michael Kostylev's (DJGPP) port. 8.71 (DJGPP, Perotti?) seems rougher and buggier but still somewhat works.

It seems that "ps2pdf" is quite horribly inefficient in 7.05, e.g. seems to embed way too many fonts. (Georg, this is what I meant, any idea?) This seems to have been "fixed" in 8.x (DOS) versions, though 8.71 seems to only have Bash script drivers (ugh) in lieu of .BATs.

> 5). In other words, MUTOOL.EXE and MUDRAW.EXE for DJGPP v2 are each very
> big .EXEs (approx. 9 MB each, 3.5 MB UPX'd). I don't know if that's
> really more useful than the existing two older MuPDF viewers we have,
> nor if somehow better than XPDF or Ghostscript converters.

For good or bad (probably good), the MuPDF developers seem to explicitly link statically, even on Windows, for MuPDF. Ironically, this is one of the few times where I think dynamic linking could possibly be useful, even for DJGPP, but it's really only (to my mind) to avoid having two bloated .EXEs using the same guts. (I guess a symlink acting appropriately upon argv[0] wouldn't be the worst compromise, but for whatever reason, that's rarely done.)

> (Fri Apr 26, 07:43 PM) /tmp/doydoy # upx -qql /mnt/sda3/TEMP/*.exe
> 8922407 ->   3307752   37.07%   djgpp2/coff   /mnt/sda3/TEMP/mudraw.exe
> 8785024 ->   3256728   37.07%   djgpp2/coff   /mnt/sda3/TEMP/mutool.exe

> Though if anyone really wants, I will upload MUTOOL.EXE and MUDRAW.EXE for
> them somewhere.

Thanks to popular demand (not), I went ahead and packed and uploaded it to iBiblio anyways, in case anyone is ever interested. (Maybe only if you need virtual memory of CWSDPMI in tight RAM situations??)

mu_tl_dw.7z     2013-Apr-28 04:09:17    6.3M    application/octet-stream
mupdf12s.7z     2013-Apr-28 04:05:43    6.6M    application/octet-stream
no_view.txt     2013-Apr-28 04:28:35    1.2K    text/plain

N.B. Only using a 16 MB LZMA dictionary, so that should be small enough RAM footprint to not unduly burden anyone also without forcing a one-size-fits-all 20 MB download on anyone.


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