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MuPDF 1.2 (2013-02-27) -- MUTOOL + MUDRAW (Announce)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 06.05.2013, 18:23

> My .ZIP of
> P5
> Pascal would shrink in half (4.8 MB to 2.3 MB) if I removed the
> bloated ISO7185.PDF file. (I'm not sure what advantages the
> pages-as-scanned-images PDF version has over the included .html conversion.
> IIRC there are no graphics and barely any fonts or fancy text. In other
> words, probably useless, but oh well. Even using "ps2pdf" via gs 8.71 on
> the .ps [made with TeX/WEB/Pascal] from elsewhere is 1/10th of the size
> [400 kb vs. 4000 kb]. So meh.)

Apparently it was run through some OCR program (OmniPage Pro?) in order to have embeddable, selectable text.

> I even had trouble with DuglView not working for me.

Apparently it doesn't like running from G:\ RAM disk, but it works okay atop C:\ hard drive.

> In particular, I know image viewers try to choose the biggest, most
> color-appropriate mode for each image, but it's annoying when this
> particular desktop (monitor? low-end integrated gfx?) takes like three
> seconds to changes modes for every file. It really doesn't need to change
> mode between "pages" using the same resolution and colors.

Dugl Viewer supports this (no mode changes), though I can't remember if it's default or has to be tweaked in config file.

> My old mu_tl_dw.7z is 6.5 MB while I can compress a newer one via "7za a
> -mx9 -md=16m new mutool.exe mudraw.exe" to only 3.5 MB. Both still seem to
> need approx. 21 MB of DPMI (eg. "dpmi -m 0x5000") under DOSEMU for "7za t".
> So whatever I thought I was accomplishing, it didn't work (and just bloated
> up the main .7z).

I also later tried XZ Utils, out of curiosity, but apparently its --memlimit intentionally doesn't actually work these days (though at least verbose tells you approx. how much RAM will be needed to decompress). Meh.


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