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Which text editor do you use for dos programming? (Developers)

posted by Damien(R), 08.05.2013, 09:55
(edited by Damien on 08.05.2013, 12:37)


Up to now, under DOS, I've been using 2 kinds of text editor : the standard "EDIT" and the one included in RHIDE (for DJGPP).

The main drawback of these editor is that they are displayed in (default) text-mode, which is efficient but displays only 25 lines * 80 columns, in standard (bios) font.

As this kind of display can be appropriate with old 14" CRT, on today's screen (19" or more), it would be better to display more text...
Is there a solution for this ? Some kind of text editor that would display in graphic mode (for example 1024*768), with several fonts and size ?

In other words, is there some kind of "notepad++" for Dos ?


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