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flash player in Dos? (Users)

posted by ron(R) Homepage E-mail, Australia, 27.05.2013, 23:37

> I agree, if you choose a simple solution. Without looking into it closely I
> would get Dillo to download the flash file and then call mplayer with the
> flash file passed on the command line. But I guess Glenn and Ron will point
> out that this is not a good idea.

If, by "flash file" you mean the .swf file, that is not going to make it
work. Even Arachne cannot do anything with .swf files - at least, not yet.

What I was referring to were tricks and fiddles to by-pass all that and get
at the actual media file itself. Not every flash site has that in the page
code, but most do. OTOH: even when a media file IS in the page code, it is
not always obvious, and the URL may have to be re-constructed from several
different components.

> Since mplayer and mupdf are quite some megabytes to download I tried to
> avoid to include them with Dillo. But calling these applications could be
> implemented.

What would be required for Dillo to use external applications in the way,
say, Arachne does, are mime-type/player links. Similar to what Arachne, Lynx
and Links have.

Arachne was designed and built to use external utilities, as .APMs, for
anything she cannot handle natively.

As far as I can tell, Dillo isn't. But if it could be done, it would really
enhance the useability of Dillo.

What Dillo _can_ do, at the moment, is download the web page.
Then use stand-alone utilities to process it and extract the URL(s) as an
.htm file. Then use Dillo to view the .htm file and download the media.
Then, close Dillo and use DOS player(s).

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