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game Unreal with HX-DOS? (DOSX)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 15.06.2013, 01:41

> > I would love to be able to run it from HX, or one can dream of a native
> > port of the Unreal engine. Seems to me someone did that or attempted to
> do
> > it back in the day. Like all the new .EXEs for the Quake Engine, Doom
> > engine, etc that have appeared. Perhaps I am confusing it with the Hexen
> 2
> > DOS release, however.
> I think you mean Hexen II DJGPP port that is still developed and improved.
> I don't know about any other port project of similar game.

Hammer of Thyrion (aka, Hexen 2 for DOS via DJGPP 2.04++, and moreso other OSes) is based upon Quake 1, which was targeted (1994-6) to Intel Pentiums with DOS via DJGPP (GCC 2.7.2, DJGPP 2.00 beta3 or such), probably because Win95 didn't exist yet when the project started. (CWS fixed it to also work with Win95, but WinNT was a lost cause ... at least without further work that would've delayed development even more. Nearptrs, extra month needed, WinNT "not meant for games", bugs, etc.)

The original Hexen 2 (1997) was Win95 only. So (AFAIK) it wasn't really ported to DOS but brought back to completion via the DOS bits from Quake's sources (1999). HoT doesn't support MIDI music in DOS, but you can rip the CD audio to .OGG and play that, if you have an SB-compatible (or GUS? but I just used DOSEMU).

I think Ozkan Sezer (2006) did the DOS "port" of HoT for retro nostalgia. He may even still have some old machines he plays with, dunno. (The most stable port is Linux, which [like Windows] has an optional OpenGL-based renderer via glh2.)

Latest version of Hammer of Thyrion is 1.5.6. (IIRC, it only supports the four-char demo, not the older two-char one. For full game, I bought a used CD from Amazon, but if you're so inclined, you may prefer Steam.)

> 2006-11-22: Initial DOS port for Hexen II: Hammer of Thyrion
> I prepared an initial DOS port of Hexen II (hey, I was bored and felt
> nostalgic ;), it seems to work fairly good.

> 2008-04-04: Hammer of Thyrion version 1.4.3 is released.
> Version 1.4.3 of Hexen II: Hammer of Thyrion is released:
> This release is a result of heavy maintainance after the previous 1.4.2
> version and fixes several bugs, including some security related ones
> such as the hexenworld Huffman decoder vulnerability (Secunia advisory
> SA28124), and improves portability. There have been a few feature
> improvements, as well. It also features a DOS port and an experimental
> svgalib support. An updated game data, v1.19a, is provided along with
> HoT-1.4.3, too.


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