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LodePaint in DOS | source | banned Roberto (Emulation)

posted by DOS386(R), 18.06.2013, 09:50

Where is the source code?


+ WOW !!! WOW !!! WOW !!! WOW !!! WOW !!! WOW !!!

+ It runs with HX (needs 1024x768 screen ...) (see shot)

+ Very promising

+ I can pain[t] in it (pain[t]fully ...)

- GUI is hell slow and unresponsive

- Can neither load nor save, reason: uses "Get****FileName" (fixable according to TFM)

- Exit with [F12] crashes (HX BUG ?)

- Supplying file on commandline crashes (HX BUG ?)

The thing could get fixed in 3 ways:

* improve HX so it works as-is (still slowly)

* modify LOADPAINT to make it more HX-friendly (and even better, also faster)

* port it using some graphics library or SDLDOS


@rr : could you please send a (new or old) PWD to Roberto Perotti AKA iw2evk so that he doesn't have to use other people for posting here?

@Roberto Perotti AKA iw2evk : feel free to mail me if you have trouble posting elsewhere

This is a LOGITECH mouse driver, but some software expect here
the following string:*** This is Copyright 1983 Microsoft ***


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