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LodePaint (under HX) (Emulation)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 30.06.2013, 14:29

> This question probably requires it's own topic, but...
> Is there a C/C++ API for HX libs usable with DJGPP and/or OWatcom. Would it
> be possible to compile some of the WIN32 libs or software natively (for
> HX)? Would it be possible to use some WINE/ReactOS sources?
> Just brainstorming. Sorry if I'm out of place in this topic. :-) Couldn't
> hold out the question because there might be an answer. ;-)

I didn't want to answer because I'm not totally familiar with it. I was hoping Japheth would explain. Well, here goes nothing! :-)

There is some C library support in HXDEV for PE (Win32 API?) stuff in DOS. It too complicated to understand (by me) fully, but check HXDEV*.ZIP's LIB/ and LIBOMF/ subdirectories (e.g. static Win32 emulation libs: dkrnl32s.lib, dadvapis.lib, dgdi32s.lib, duser32s.lib).

I assume that's what you meant. If not, be more specific which apps or what you want to compile. (See OWSUPP/readme.txt concerning "hxdos" and "hxnts" targets.)


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