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Help me with making Project 16! (Developers)

posted by sparky4(R) Homepage E-mail, hell, 07.07.2013, 05:04

I am making a 2D tile based game engine for DOS

Can you help me make the tile system?

The restriction is that the engine has to be 16 bit!
The code has to be efficient to run on a 286....;a=snapshot;h=d8212065e78a78a5feb0d80f7e54c546833c3d5a;sf=tgz

You need open watcom to compile the code.

If you make any changes to the code and want to apply them please link me a compressed file of the 16 directory!

I can handle the Hardware Code...
But the game engine code..... confuses the shit out of me!

IF you know of a Free Open Source game (graphics or sound or game code...) library that is 16 bit and is in C or C++ please let me know here too!

I am stuck in this ode because I lack experience and knowlage about C++ object oriented Programming and game engine code
But I am VERY good at Regular C and it's synthax!

Please help me!

CRAZY wwww


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