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2 more (under HX, banned Roberto) - remember OWB? (Emulation)

posted by roytam(R), 07.07.2013, 15:10

> About UBROWSER ( web-kit based ??) I'd test with HX : I'd "give it step
> by step" the required .dll but it stopped on the nspr4.dll ( I'd
> take from XP) "cannot resolve import... cannot load PE file.."
> I'd test ubrowser with XP = not so bad but deprived download files....
> the way : remember OWB ( origyn webkit browser)? It worked with HX ;
> it's no longer supported/developed by 3-4 years but I confess sometimes I
> still use OWB with HX when I want to examine a web page in a whole vision
> and it works well enough ( example = I cannot see the download link
> of dugplay in "Mediafire" web page [see "announce" in 16.6.2013]
> with Arachne or Dillo but I can with OWB (I know: no download, no bookmark
> etc...)
> And at the present (I suppose) OWB is still the only win32 browser
> working with HX -
> Anyone is still working on OWB?
> regards
> andrea

Only AmigaOS4 port had some more progress, but still, no new version since 2011.

This might be a source code backup:


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