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LodePaint (under HX) (Emulation)

posted by bocke(R), 07.07.2013, 15:49

> > Would it
> > be possible to compile some of the WIN32 libs or software natively (for
> > HX)? Would it be possible to use some WINE/ReactOS sources?
> I think that most win32 libs depends more or less on WinAPI and maybe
> windows kernel functions that has not equivalent under DOS, DJGPP whatever.
> So it's task for HX to emulate this API, instead you would have to
> static-link a half of Windows/ROS/Wine code to make it work...

I tought as HX already emulates this API, there might be a way to make this emulated API public. What I mean is to compile a win32 API program using (already existing) HX win32 API emulation using a native DOS compiler.

Not sure if that is possible, but if it was - there would be possible to compile at least some win32 API apps to native DOS executables (that require or embed HX - not sure how that would work). :)


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