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just for fun... gnash & HX (Miscellaneous)

posted by Doug(R) E-mail, 12.07.2013, 19:57

Well i'll be darned... it (kinda) works... in general for SWF videos!

  DPMILD32 -G GNASH filespec

It displays simple SWF videos ok, but for SWF videos with embedded controls, it just displays the controls. (Same behavior in Win9x.) Maybe a version issue? Or a keypress issue?

Keypresses don't seem to be functional (except for Esc which does quit).

One dependency has a long filename (SDL_MIXER.DLL), so you either need to:

- unpack and use with a LFN driver


- hack the string "SDL_MIXER.DLL" in GNASH.EXE to whatever 8.3 filename that file unpacks to (probably SDL_MIXE.DLL).

Files NPGNASH.DLL and NSPR4.DLL are not needed for GNASH.EXE (see the README.TXT).

So thanks for the heads up! I don't know of any other player for SWF files in DOS. (Not even MPlayer).

- Doug B.


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