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Run QEMU with Hxdos (Emulation)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 15.07.2013, 20:09

> i have a problem in launch QEMU with HXDOS extender
> i use QEMU 0.90 (as indicate in web site of hxdos)

FYI, I don't regularly use QEMU anymore, so my help may be somewhat limited. (Bernd Blauuw of FreeDOS, who I think still reads their mailing lists, was one particular power user of QEMU. Worst case scenario, he'd be the guy I'd go to for advice.)

There are much newer versions than 0.90, of course, but a lot changed since then, and the Windows builds are always unofficial (probably because the devs seem to prefer Linux).

> ans i have this message :
> Could not allocate physical memory

How much physical RAM do you have? How much does your guest (emulated) OS need, roughly?

The HX website says this:

"please be aware that QEMU requires huge amounts of virtual memory. Since HX doesn't support a swapfile, virtual memory is identical to physical memory. For example, running QEMU with a 128 MB guest requires about 170 MB of RAM."

> i have tested unlimit -d unlimited
> but, for this version, this parameter is :
> -d item1, ... output log to /tmp/qemu.log (use -d ? for a list of log
> items)
> So this setting does not work

Hmmm, that must be new, I don't remember ever needing such a switch just to bootup. All I remember is vaguely something like "qemu -L . -mem 64 -fda myflp.img -hda myimg.img blah.iso -boot d".

> If i use a upper version, i have new DLL and Qemu don't work.. etc..

I assume you mean here that there are external .DLL dependencies in newer Windows builds (newer than 0.90) that you don't have, hence it won't run.

> What i doing for launch QEMU ?

I don't remember exactly, some of it may have changed. I've not kept up.

> Have you a good version to share at me ?

The old / stable / classic version of 0.9.0 (or even 0.8.2 for Win9x) was preferred for a long time. But in hindsight it probably has some bugs (doesn't everything?). Even the HX website only lists trying that (and a few older!) but nothing newer.

Newer versions honestly may not work at all, even if you did everything correctly in setup, had enough RAM, used the right switches, etc. Honestly, running QEMU in DOS is not exactly "reasonable" in most cases. Not wanting to discourage you, just saying, be prepared for the unexpected as it falls outside of normal expectations. ;-)

COMPAT.html says he tested 0.71, 0.82, 0.90, 0.91 but with three footnotes. Apparently you must also 1). enable LFNs (e.g. DOSLFN), 2). use HX GUI (so install HXGUI21?.ZIP in addition to HXRT21?.ZIP), 3). explicitly run "dpmild32 -g qemu ...".

P.S. For better help, if none of these suggestions properly works, we'll have to know what family of cpu you have, how much available (or total?) RAM, what DOS, and which explicit public binary version of QEMU you're trying to run (assuming you didn't compile it yourself or such).


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