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just for fun... gnash & HX (Miscellaneous)

posted by Doug(R) E-mail, 29.07.2013, 20:42

Ok, i've tested CWS2FWS, and it works as advertised... and fast!

I've also done some testing of GNASH (0.7.1, 2006-Sep-22), sherpya's latest MPlayer (svn-r36349, 2013-Jun-17), and Khusraw's latest (?) DJGPP MPlayer build (svn-r34661, 2012-Feb-08) with .SWF files, both uncompressed (FWS) and compressed (CWS). This is under pure MS-DOS 7.1, P4/845/ICH4, 1gb ram, ATI Rage 128 Pro Ultra VBE 2.0 video, HX 2.17 beta 2012-Dec-14.

Note that i have only a limited number of SWF files to test, but one of them is the current SWFs from Adobe's Flash-test page:

My results:

- Sherpya's MPlayer plays 'em all -- uncompressed *as well as* compressed! But for SWFs with embedded controls, the controls are not displayed -- only the video portion (same behavior under Win9x). And of course, no sound under real DOS.

- Khusraw's MPlayer exits on compressed SWFs:

  [swf @ 323cc0]Compressed SWF format not supported

and crashes on most uncompressed. (Perhaps it's due to my older video card? But everything else plays fine.) This has been my main DOS player, so this is why i believed MPlayer couldn't play SWFs. Ironically, the SWF that it did play was the one from the current Adobe test page... but only after it was decompressed.

- GNASH (as reported previously) plays simple SWFs (both uncompressed and compressed), but for SWFs with embedded controls, it displays only the controls (no video). It also doesn't render some newer SWFs correctly, including the one from the current Adobe test page. And, as mentioned, keypresses (other than Esc) seem to be non-functional. Same behavior under Win9x.

- Doug B.


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